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Next meeting: Thursday January 30,2014 - 2:00 pm- 4:00 pm Library
Friday Nov.29,2013  -  2:00 pm-4:00 pm at Archives (Library)

The following are the activities we need to do to complete the website:

- Caroline - Get image of Logo  to add to Header (top of each page of the website)
                     Note: Ernie will work on Header - colour and text size when logo is                                   received
- Ernie - Get PayPal set up for donations/inventory sales / memberships / fundraisers etc... (see Donations page) Process started with Rick Smith and should have this segment of the website completed week of Jan. 26,2014 DONE

3 - All - Images (photos of activities, properties, Lighthouse etc...

4 - Content (who writes what? when? for each of the pages)
        - Home - ?
        - Donations -  Ernie by January 31,2013 - Completed needs review by Caroline and John.
        - Contact Us - completed
        - About
            - About Us
            - Projects (all projects of individual?)
            - Application for HP 
            - Preserving Hist. Prop.
        - History
            - Stories
            - Buildings
            - Events
            - People
        - Resources
            - Federal
            - Walking Tour
            - Maxwell Houses

5 - All - Other Documents
6 - Calendar? Do we want to add a there any added benefit?
7 - Caroline to provide a copy of St Andrews Heritage Handbook to Ande Mosher, the Town's building inspector/development officer.  
Provide link to Town realtors.

Input from all would be welcome.  Perhaps showing the website at our next Board meeting would inspire creativity.