Projects Undertaken by St Andrews Civic Trust

Over the years St Andrews Civic Trust has initiated, assisted and carried out the restoration of a number of heritage properties and done many other heritage related activities. There have been many partners and many supporters for these good works. This list is a sampling of Civic Trust’s activities over the years.

Properties restored directly by Civic Trust:

Hansen House, 79 Frederick Street (1978)

Macklem House, 46 Reed Avenue, restored veranda with roof (1993-94)

Niger Reef Tea House, 1 Joe’s Point Road (1997-98)

Pendlebury Lighthouse tower and grounds, with seawall by the Town,end of Patrick Street (2001-13)

Properties restored with Civic Trust’s advocacy, advice and assistance:

Clarke House, 62 Princess Royal Street (1977)

Dunn-McQuoid House, 126 Water Street (1977-79)

Pagan-O’Neill House, 235 Queen Street (1977)

Saltbox House, 107 Queen Street (1977)

Dowling House, 64 King Street (2002)

Charlotte County Court House, 123 Frederick Street (1985)

St Andrews Blockhouse, Joe’s Point Road (2010-12)

Rehabilitation of Heritage Cemeteries:

  • Roman Catholic Cemetery, corner of Parr & Mary Streets (1977-78)
  • Methodist Cemetery, Parr Street near Edward (1978)
  • Church of England Cemetery, head of King Street (1981)
  • Presbyterian Cemetery, Montague Street (1995).

Ongoing and Recurring Projects

  • Plaque program to mark heritage properties
  • Awards of Merit to recognize local heritage preservation work
  • Workshops and seminars on heritage preservation
  • Architectural advice and loans for homeowners’ heritage renovations
  • Conservation advice to home builders, contractors and developers
  • Issue “Tidings” a periodic newsletter since 1974 to inform residents of current heritage activities
  • Constant advocacy for a heritage preservation bylaw in St Andrews. A decades long effort against reluctant Town Councils

A Miscellany of Projects and Activities over the years

  • Invited Heritage Canada to St Andrews to encourage heritage preservation and while here it restored two houses (1974-79)
  • Prepared a Town Conservation Plan for the Devonian Foundation (1974)
  • Architectural/historical appraisal of 833 buildings by Dr Richard Candee (1979) and photographic inventory of heritage properties.
  • Burial of overhead utility wires on Water Street (1979-80) due to Civic Trust persistent advocacy with Provincial Government.
  • Published “St Andrews Heritage Handbook: A homeowner’s Guide to Exterior Renovations…”(1980) now referenced in Town’s Municipal Plan, and “St Andrews Remembered” (1984)
  • Published walking map “A Guide to Historic St Andrews” (1988 & 2011)
  • Advocacy with Provincial Government leading to major face-lift of Charlotte County Courthouse (1984) and rebuilding of “Fort Tipperary” to its original design (2004-06)
  • Proposed heritage design items for Tim Hortons new building (2003)
  • Lobbied Town Council to place St Andrews on the Provincial Register of Historic Places and submit heritage sites for inclusion (200?)
  • Grants to authors of local heritage/conservation books
  • Substantive input to the 2010 Municipal Plan and Zoning By-law.
  • Research assistance on Nature Trust of New Brunswick’s publication
  • “St Andrews Architecture 1604-1966” by John Leroux and Thaddeus Holownia in aid of successful campaign to preserve the natural appearance of Navy Island as the backdrop to the Town’s heritage setting (2009-10)
  • Provided design and plans for replica heritage building on Market Wharf (2013)
  • Advice to Kiwanis Club on design of Walking Trail monument (2014)