St. Andrews Civic Trust

Historic Plaque Criteria

  1. The building must have been constructed before 1910.
  2. The building owner must complete the Historic Plaque Application Form and provide as much information concerning the building as possible. Such as - date of construction, type of construction, name of owners and builder, significant uses of the building (if commercial) etc.
  3. Civic Trust will, if possible, provide additional information that we might have access to.
  4. Civic Trust will develop wording to be placed on the plaque. The building owner may be give the opportunity to review this wording.
  5. Civic Trust will arrange for the construction of the plaque.
  6. Civic Trust may assist in the placement of the plaque on the building. Location of the plaque on the building to be agreed upon between Civic Trust and the building owner.
  7. Maintenance of the plaque will be the responsibility of the building owner.
  8. The owner of the property is to agree that the plaque will remain on the building in the event the property is sold.
  9. The property owner is encouraged to pay for the cost of the plaque. Special application for assistance may be made to St. Andrews Civic Trust.