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St. Andrews Civic Trust Resource Guides

Preserving or rehabilitating your home does not have to be an expensive experience. As a testament, many of the homes in St. Andrews have lasted centuries with the original materials in place – care and maintenance on your home can ensure your home continues to thrive and contributes to the historic national significance of St. Andrews.

The St. Andrews Civic Trust, with support from the Fundy Community Foundation, offers a series of Built Heritage Renovation Supply Guides as an addition to the Heritage Handbook on Building Conservation, a Homeowner’s Guide to Exterior Renovations and Maintenance of Local Buildings. They include:

- Create your Conservation Plan Resource Guide

- Dormers, Gables, Eaves and Cornices Resource Guide

- Exterior Walls, Trim and Ornamental Details Resource Guide

- Porches, Canopies and Hoods Resource Guide

- Roof and Chimney Resource Guide

- Windows and Doors Resource Guide

- Heritage Contractor Supply Guide

In addition to the resources listed, there are several online series that assist you in working on your heritage property. One excellent example is the long-running PBS series “This Old House”. In addition to the many videos, the website offers additional tips or you can subscribe to their monthly magazine.

Within these guides are several contractors who are known to have carried out work on historic homes in St. Andrews. This list is not an endorsement and it is recommended that you use due diligence when choosing a contractor. This list is not inclusive of all contractors. If you are a contractor who has experience with historic homes and would like to be included on this list, please contact the SACT.